Accueil Remonter



18 décembre 1967, Macon (Géorgie)




Compliments of Radio Station WAOK - KESSLER'S RECORD DEPT.

Photo's by   COUNT JACKSON


Young and old loved the "BIG O"
and came to see him for the last time
Many had to wait in long lines
Record Company executive and former singer
Joe Medlin arrives
Little old lady who played the prelude
Singer Joe Tex arriving Wilson Pickett arriving
Georgia State Senator Leroy Johnson arriving
Senator Johnson was Otis' attorney
Singer Percy Sledge arriving
Atlanta's Arthur Conley
who owes his succes to the "Big O"
John Richbourg, knows as "John R"
Disc Jockey WLAC, Nashville, Tenn.
Singer Rufus Thomas with Eddie Purrel Phil Walden, Otis' manager and school mate
talks to friends as he enter the auditorium


Disc Jockey Buddy Lowe from Houston, Texas

The Mighty Hannibal, Eddie Purrell,
and Johnnie Taylor pay tribute to a friend

Dick Allen, Universal Attractions (Left)
Entertainer Eddie Purrell
Entertainer Little Sputnick, Disk Jockey
Shelly Stewart, and Atlanta radio executive
Kathy Lewis among the many

Singers Sam and Dave Singer Jamo Thomas  (left)
Disc Jockey Allen Lee, Montgomery, Ala.


Singer James Brown
sits prayerfully during the funeral

The 3 ministers who officiated B B Beaman
Atlanta restaurateur and promoter

Funeral Director assisting Mrs. Otis Redding
into the Macon Civic Auditorium before the
services. Otis'younger brother (right)
Karla, Otis III and Dexter, the children
of Otis Redding arriving for the funeral

Rev. and Mrs. Otis Redding, Sr,
mother and father of Otis Redding
An interior view of the main floor
of the Macon Civic Auditorium



Singer Joe Simon (middle) talks with other
pall-bearers before the services

Singer Oscar Toney, Jr.
Singer Gene Chandler After the last rites
the wife of the singer being escorted to her car
(Left) Wilson Pickett (Right) Solomon Burke
Crowd wainting for limousines
going to the "BigO" ranch for burial




le porteur de cercueil honoraire James Brown (flèche) regarde tristement
 alors que les porteurs Joe Tex, Joe Simon, Sylvester Huckadee, Johnnie Taylor,
Arthur Conley, Solomon Burke, Eart Simms, Clark Waldon sortent le corps de l’auditorium.

voir également le reportage du magazine JET du 4 janvier 1968


Accueil Remonter